sonic stream to soak your soul


Queer Cascadian living and loving on the banks of the Nchi'wana River

Portland based musician, educator, and activist, Sara Tone shares her love songs for the Earth as a multi-instrumentalist. Expressing herself through voice, guitar, baritone uke, kalimba, ocarina, and an assortment of percussion instruments. Her style ranges from deep heart rooted fae-soul, world-folk, with an undeniable hip-hop approach. (Read: dorky choir kid with a strong ear taught herself lots of instruments to try to express and share the nature inspired symphony she hears and feels intensely). 

You’ll often find her building musical expression into sonic reality through live looping, blending harmonies, beat box, and a quiver full of instruments. More than songs, there's an intention and vibe created and held, a collective power of presence and gratitude that the this music emanates and amplifies, a prayer, a spell, a sonic stream to soak your soul...

For Sara Tone, musical inspiration comes deeply and directly from nature. She has utilized her voice and lent her musical offerings as a strong advocate to many awareness and fundraising events including actions for intact forests, clean water, seeds, carbon sequestering and soil building, salmon restoration, free-roaming buffalo, and the We Are Mauna Kea, on Hawai’i Island. After a 2 year hiatus tending her families health needs, in 2022 Sara’s spring kick off show was the fundraiser for ‘Keep the Columbia Cold’, a very successful benefit for Columbia Riverkeeper and their crucial work to keep the waters cold enough for the Salmon to return upstream. 

As an educator, Sara has facilitated hundreds of kids and adults in percussion classes, voice classes, songwriting, song circles, and more. She’s currently on staff teaching percussion, musical ecology, and songwriting at the bi-annual NW Singer Songwriter Soireé Retreat (PLEASE COME)!!! She also directed and arranged original music for the one powerful season of the Portland based MUSE Choir.

Recently Sara Tone has been touring around the Portland and local Cascadia Bioregion, including a powerful show at the 2023 NW Permaculture Convergence, sharing the night with renowned author, activist, and keynote speaker Starhawk. 

Sara is reemerging with a clear and renewed, stronger than ever vibe, a gaggle of new songs, and an untamable spirit that must be shared. You can find her music on most online platforms. 

More to come, miles to go...

Big Love-Tone Home