Smoky West Coast Midnight Analog Loop Dub Mix- Beat-box, Kalimba, Vocal Harmonies, Vocal Chorus-Stereo Track plus a Single Vocal Take. Late night, no vocal make up, honest voice amidst a city, state, bioregion, and coast caked in thick smoke. (9/13-9/14 2020)
The West Coast is burning, the Cascades are burning, Cascadia is Burning... this is a lil offering to all that is turning to ash, the lost life, and those still here attempting to breathe and move our lives forward individually and collectively, LRDHVMRC!!. We are still in the literal thick of it, so this lil track is a process of my own personal ponderings...What will rise from these ashes, the seeds that are bound to crack and grow. Will they be Well Watered?!?

Bless all the Land and the Leaves and the Trees and the Air We Breathe, Air We Breathe.... Air we Breathe (OG TLC Farm 2008)

This is ain't about sides, no wrong or right black or white
This is bout what sets your true heart alight
Cause new seeds are bound to crack and grow
But will they be well watered? Will they beeeeeeeee
Will these seeds be well watered
Only nature knows and time will tell
But will there by clean water in your well
Will they be well watered?